The pilot episode of Dinosaur Office.

SYPNOSIS: Craig and Todd are talking about their weekend. Todd mentions that he finished his quarterly report. Craig then says that he completely forgot about it. He then says that Terry will kill him. After a brief period of hearing large footfalls (along with a shot of the water cooler rippling, as a homage to Jurassic Park), a roaring Terry enters the room. He then calmly asks Craig why he has not turned in is quarterly report. Craig then says he will get it done as soon as possible. Terry thanks him, and asks the two if they would like an early lunch. Todd then says that he already has food, and Craig says that he wants to lose wight. Terry than says that he will just grab some food then, and starts to eat Todd. Craig then asks Terry if he should print the report, or send it by email. Terry replies that maybe he should do both, just to be safe.