Downsizing is an episode of Dinosaur Office.

SYPNOSIS: Craig laments that Hawaiian Shirt Day isn't until the 20th, until Terry asks Richard to come into his office. Craig wonders what's going on, Sheila replies that it's probably downsizing (Terry had recently eaten the marketing department because they were not hitting their numbers). Terry then asks Sheila to come into his office (Sheila claims she should have used her vacation days when she had the chance). Todd says that she did not have what it takes to survive, and Terry asks Todd to see him for a moment. Terry than asks Craig the same thing moments later. Craig wanders into the office, only to have the others surprise him (it's his birthday). Craig says that they got him good, he was sure that Terry would eat him. Terry then says that no one except the intern is getting eaten (the intern is the birthday cake). The intern tells Craig happy birthday, and Craig blows out the candles. Terry then kills the intern, asking is anyone else wants a piece. Todd and Sheila reply that they are herbivores, and Craig says that he has diabetes.