Computer Problems is an episode of Dinosaur Office.

SYPNOSIS: Craig is seen working at a computer. Todd then asks him if he watched the game last night, to which Craig replies that he didn't, and asks if it was good. Todd then says that he actually did not see it; His wife had rented a movie (they only have one TV). Craig then complains that his computer just froze, and that he hasn't saved for over an hour. Todd suggests restarting the computer, and thinks it might auto-save. Craig then says that his computer now just has a blank screen. Todd then laments that if his son was at the office, he could help, but Craig claims that it's not a big deal. Richard then arrives and says that he heard about Craig's computer problem. Todd believes that the reuter is the problem, but Richard says that Craig should restart instead. Todd suggests that Craig might have a computer virus, to which Richard suggests a reboot. Todd asks Craig when was the last time he used his malware detector, and Richard says that his own son is a computer whiz (Craig is obviously annoyed). Sheila then arrives, saying that Craig should reboot, and also saying that she wishes her son was with her. Todd asks if he is good with computers, to which she says yes. Craig then snaps, and impales the computer, going on a stampede. Richard then asks Todd and Sheila is they saw the game last night.