Asteroid is an episode of Dinosaur Office.


Craig asks Sheila to not talk to him until he's had his morning coffee, and then says he's kidding. Todd shows up and tells them to turn on the TV; there is an asteroid warning. They turn on the weather channel, where Stegasaurus meteorologist Susie Monsoon predicts a meteor shower (Craig hopes that they can work from home the next day; traffic would be unbearable), leading to a level five asteroid which will collide with the Earth, and destroy it. Todd complains that the weather channel always blows things out of proportion, with Craig agreeing, seeing as the volcano last week was intended to scorch the Earth, but it only scorched half of it (Sheila comments that her neighbors down the street were incinerated). Susie Monsoon then announces that the asteroid will in fact be much smaller, but it is heading straight towards the office of DinoCorp Inc. (This is supposed to confuse people who don't know that the company Dinosaur Office takes place in is called Dinosoft.). For a moment, it looks like the three are destroyed, but then we see the real office is intact, and Todd claims that he had stock in DinoCorp.